NOFAS Salutes Jerome Romero

Congratulations to pioneering advocate and dear friend of the FASD community, Jerome Romero the longtime Director of the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention Project at the University of New Mexico Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and Addictions, a member of the NOFAS Affiliate Network.

Jerome has officially retired from UNM, but remains an active FASD leader in the state and nationally. For the past 17 years, Jerome has traveled nonstop from one end of New Mexico to the other teaching young women and men about the hazards of drinking during pregnancy.

Jerome has developed innovative peer-to-peer education programs and popular public awareness materials including public service announcements that air across the U.S. He was instrumental in forming the National Association of FASD State Coordinators and served as its director for many years.

An honored member of the NOFAS Hall of Fame, Jerome’s enthusiasm and passion for FASD prevention is both remarkable and inspiring, and thankfully he is still making a difference in the lives of countless families. Thank you and congratulations to Jerome, a dear friend of NOFAS and of everyone dedicated to FASD prevention and support!