Lucy K.

Lucy K. is a 16-year-old from Northern Virginia.

Brianna Montgomery: Welcome Lucy, thank you for agreeing to speak with me today. I am very interested in learning more about you. Let’s start first with some fun questions, what kind of music do you like? Do you have a favorite singer or band?

Lucy K.: I like Beyonce and Weird Al.

BM: That’s an interesting combination. I saw Weird Al in concert when I was younger, he was great. Do you have a favorite song by him?

LK: I like “White and Nerdy.”

BM: That’s a great song. Do have any favorite movies?

LK: I like Harry Potter.

BM: Have you seen the newest Harry Potter movie yet?

LK: Yes, twice.

BM: Wow. Have you seen all of the Harry Potter movies?

LK: Yes, many times.

BM: Are there any other films that you like?

LK: I like Master of Disguise.

BM: That’s a great movie, Dana Carvey is really funny. I know that you just recently went back to school are a sophomore now, what is your favorite subject in school?

LK: I like science.

BM: What interests you about science? Why do you like it?

LK: I like the experiments.

BM: Do you have any favorite experiments that you have done?

LK: Not really.

BM: Do you have a least favorite subject or one that is more difficult for you?

LK: English is hard with writing.

BM: Writing papers can be difficult. Do you play any sports?

LK: I do gymnastics.

BM: Are you on your high school’s gymnastics team?

LK: Yes.

BM: What is your favorite part of gymnastics? Do you like balance beam, bars, floor?

LK: I actually really like the vault.

BM: That’s great. The vault is pretty tough! In addition to playing sports, do you like watching sports?

LK: Yes, I like baseball.

BM: What is your favorite team?

LK: I like the St. Louis Cardinals.

BM: They are a great team! So you like watching the Cardinals, what other things do you like to watch on TV?

LK: I really like Tom and Jerry, Spongebob Squarepants and Super Nanny.

BM: Those are great shows. I heard that your birthday was a couple weeks ago and you turned 16. How did you celebrate?

LK: My family and I went to a Japanese restaurant.

BM: That sounds like fun. Is Japanese food your favorite?

LK: Yes, I love sushi.

BM: Did you have a cake for your birthday?

LK: My mom made a sand castle cake.

BM: Wow! That’s cool! 16 is a pretty fun age. Are you planning on getting your driver’s license?

LK: I’m trying, but I’ll probably wait until I’m older.

BM: That’s a good idea. More time to practice. I also heard that you recently visited South Carolina with your family. Do you enjoy traveling and what is your favorite place to travel?

LK: I like to go to Hawaii.

BM: Have you been there before?

LK: Yes, I was there last year.

BM: What did you do while you were in Hawaii?

LK: We went snorkeling and I got to see my cousins.

BM: That sounds like fun. What island were you visiting?

LK: We went to Maui and the Big Island.

BM: Oh wow, I hear those places are beautiful.

LK: They are. I had a lot of fun.

BM: That’s wonderful. Do you have any other favorite vacation spots?

LK: I really like New York.

BM: What do you like to do in New York?

LK: I like to go to the American Girl store.

BM: That’s fun, what else do you do in New York?

LK: We go to Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

BM: I’ve heard that’s a fun place. Do you have any favorite celebrities or is there someone really famous that you’d like to meet?

LK: I’d like to meet Ke$ha. I really like her music.

BM: She has fun music. Do you have a favorite actor and/or actress?

LK: I like Sam Puckett from iCarly.

BM: Do you have a hero?

LK: Well, I have more than one.

BM: That’s okay.

LK: My mom is one.

BM: That’s very sweet, who is your other hero?

LK: Svetlana Boginskaya.

BM: Is she a gymnast?

LK: Yes, she is a famous Russian gymnast. She is the best.

BM: That’s great. Tell me a little bit about your family. I know your mom and dad. Do you have any siblings?

LK: Yes, I have a sister Laura who is 23 and my brother Paul is 15.

BM: What does Laura do? Is she in college?

LK: She is going back to school to get her Master’s degree in Virginia.

BM: That’s great. Do you have any pets?

LK: I have two cats.

BM: What are their names and what kind of cats are they?

LK: Their names are Zak and Bailey, both boys and they are tabby cats.

BM: Are there any other pets that you would like to own?

LK: I would like a dog.

BM: What kind of dog would you like?

LK: Either a Poodle, a Boxer or a Chihuahua.

BM: Those are all very nice dogs. Do you plan on getting a dog soon?

LK: No, I’ll probably get one when I’m older.

BM: That’s something to look forward to. I know that you are really in to technology and you have an iTouch. What are your favorite things to do on the iTouch?

LK: I like to listen to music.

BM: I only have one more question for you and it’s about living with FAS. Do you ever talk to anyone about having FAS?

LK: Sometimes, but not very often.

BM: Thank you for talking with me. I enjoyed learning more about you.

LK: Thank you.