Largest Research Initiative on FASD Meets to Discuss Latest Findings

The Collaborative Initiative on FASD (CIFASD), a global consortium of 22 research sites conducting basic, behavioral, and clinical research to better inform approaches aimed at developing effective intervention and treatment for FASD, is meeting today and tomorrow in Rockville, Maryland to discuss ongoing studies and new findings.

CIFASD is supported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), a part of the National Institutes of Health, and directed by renowned scientist, Edward Riley, PhD, Director of the Center on Teratology at San Diego State University. Visit CIFASD to learn more about the collaborative’s mission, principal investigators, and participating universities and research institutes.

CIFASD scientists have published 132 papers breaking ground on many facets of FASD and how prenatal alcohol exposure interferes with human development.

Recent findings are advancing the understanding of the effects of prenatal alcohol use on the adaptive functioning of a woman’s offspring (adaptive functioning refers to the age-appropriate behaviors necessary to function appropriately in daily life such as the ability to follow household or school rules, money management, making friends, social skills, and personal responsibility), identifying  biomarkers for alcohol exposure during pregnancy in both the mother and developing baby, and the effects of one-and three-day prenatal binge drinking episodes.

Other projects are examining the variability in the effects of prenatal alcohol on the embryo and fetus to help answer why children whose mothers had the same alcohol use patterns have such a wide range of effects, the facial malformations across the fetal alcohol spectrum, and the association between multivitamin supplement use and alcohol consumption before pregnancy.

CIFASD discoveries inform clinical interventions designed to prevent FASD and treat children and adults living with the disorders and have implications for public health strategies for informing the public about the risk of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

NOFAS is part of the CIFASD administrative core providing education and outreach promoting CIFASD projects and findings. Learn more by visiting NIAAA and CIFASD.