NOFAS Supports Ian Rey

The National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS) is proud to support Ian Rey in his fight to regain his job at Sprouts Farmers Market, a grocery store in Point Loma, California.  Rey lives with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and has proven himself a valuable employee of Sprouts as evidenced by his 14 years of service and his Employee of the Month award.  He was fired earlier this month for erroneously taking home a coworkers jacket that he dutifully returned the next day when he realized his mistake. It has been reported that the store manager had Rey write a letter of apology that the manager sent to the Sprouts corporate headquarters, and Rey was fired. Sprouts said in a statement that there is more to the story then has been reported, but that it does not publicly comment on personnel matters.

NOFAS is outraged that Sprouts has dismissed Rey for the reason reported and that the grocery store has publicly implied other reasons for his firing but has not explained those reasons to Rey. Both Rey and his job coach claim that he has not been told what “more” reasons there may be for his firing. This is not a matter of disclosing personnel matters publically, but having the professionalism and decency to communicate to a valued and long-time employee the reasons why he has been fired. NOFAS supports individuals with FAS in the workplace and commends employers who make appropriate accommodations for their disabilities. In this case, Sprouts benefited from Rey’s 14 years of service and then released him with no consideration for him or his disability.

NOFAS supports Ian Rey and the boycott of the Sprouts in Point Loma brought about by the grocery store’s own handling of this issue.

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