After learning of their son’s FAS diagnosis a family jumps into action for the cause

Trent and Tracey are the devoted parents of three children, one a son Carson who they recently learned has FAS. The family is dealing with the same challenges faced by many others living with FAS, they are concerned about their son’s education, specifically test-taking and analyzing information; sound familiar?

Carson and his family live in Tallahassee, Florida. He loves sports including flag football and basketball. He’s favorite professional basketball player is Jimmer Fredette and his favorite team is BYU (Brigham Young University Cougars). Besides sports he excels in spelling, brings home 100% test scores, but he does struggle with other subjects like math and reading.

Earlier this month on a Caribbean cruise, Tracey and Trent competed in the Castaway Cay 5k race to raise awareness and funds for FAS. Tracy finished 7th overall (2nd female) with a time of 27:05 and Trent finished with a time of 41:11 (first, he jokes in the overweight, over 40 year-old category). They got their friends and others to sponsor them and exceeded their goal of raising $250 for NOFAS, raising $255.

They plan to go cruising again in November with a group of over 30 family and friends and hope to get at least 10 or more to run with them (including Carson) as a fundraiser for NOFAS and FAS awareness; their goal for that race is $1000.

While the family is working hard to meet Carson’s needs they are happy to have a diagnosis and support from our community. NOFAS is pleased to recognize Trent, Tracey and their whole family for their generosity and their efforts to raise awareness about the risk of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

TnT Castaway Cay 5K Feb 2013